Billy Corgan Speaks Out On Media Manipulation And Cultural Heritage

“When you talk about what America really means to them, there’s a lot of love left in this country” – Billy Corgan

A new interview has just been released by Infowars featuring the legendary guitarist and founder of the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan. Taking place on the Alex Jones show with Lee Ann McAdoo, Corgan bravely goes where no other entertainment figure of his stature dares to go. Discussing a wide range of topics, he exposes preconditioning in the media, social justice warriors and how we to best engage in discussions with friends and family who may not yet be awake, or are just beginning their journey toward awareness.

The interview begins with a clip of a Smashing Pumpkins concert and short description of who he is and the success he’s had in music, but quickly digresses into more enlightening topics.

Without a doubt, one of Billy’s most prominent focuses over the past few years is the current trend toward collectivism in America.

“To learn that what the collectivist vision in Animal Farm and 1984 was actually our future and not this preventative thing kind of blows my mind. I can’t believe we’re even having this discussion…to be talking in America in 2016 about ‘Mao is a good idea’ and ‘a socialist is running for president and that’s okay’ and ‘we’re going to go back to these crazy tax rates where we’re going to completely disempower the innovators in our country’ because the new technocratic class wants to keep their position and keep anybody else from entering into the game.” – Billy Corgan

What we don’t realize is, think about people who have trillions of dollars on the line getting you to believe a lie or lean you a certain way so that they can achieve some end that’s ten years down the road that you don’t even have the read for.”

In the last interview he did at Infowars, he discussed a documentary series he was making about where we are in America, coming from the perspective of cultural heritage rather than modern day politics. He professed the difficulty of trying to get people to view the world in a way that transcends the divide and conquer mentality of the left right paradigm.

“[I tried] to have a conversation with people above the political discourse and above the cultural discourse, which is very very difficult because the way most people relate these days is it starts with ‘Obama this’ or ‘Trump that’…Getting people to talk about America from a heartfelt point of view [was difficult].

What he discovered during his tour of the country was that Americans, although polarized and divided, tend to share common values about what makes our country stand out as a freer and more prosperous place in the world and that the underlying reason for the current trend toward collectivism is not a divergence, but an expansion from our original heritage. The philosophy of hard work and opportunity is now begging the question of where the line is in the sand when it comes to issues like immigration, tolerance and welfare.

“Most Americans have a very shared conception of what America means – and the two things that I heard over and over again were opportunity and hard work…We came here to literally build something that was an opportunity…So that vision of opportunity has continued to grow.” – Billy Corgan

Interviews like these are incredibly important to the continued wakefulness of national, and international culture. Not only because he’s a rock star, but because he’s an incredibly smart individual that people will be able to relate to from recognizing his success in music. Most people have probably heard a Smashing Pumpkins album at least once in their life, but not everyone knows very much about the man behind the music. Next time you’re hanging out with a friend that’s into the Smashing Pumpkins, try asking them “did you know that Billy Corgan knows a lot about politics? You should try listening to an interview he did last week, I think you’ll like it.” You never know, you might just end up causing someone to start their own journey of discovery.

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